HEY!!! Its time for my critic accuracy. Whatever that means. Back to the topic. I’ve been looking everywhere for this oppurtunity. It is when you least expected. After my first painful and hurtful blog wouldn’t you want something nice? Well here it is! A book review! I know weird huh? Now lets see…

The 39 clues is a great series. It tells of Dan and Amy trying to find the clues. But can they find all of them before their distant cousins does? It has mystery, anticipitation written all over it. Action with a little tiny romance between Amy Cahill and Ian Kabra. It really makes your mind feel you are there with them. How exciting! What if YOU were related to all the famous and important people and nonfamous people in the whole WORLD?! What would you do? And the most interesting question….

Would you let go of 1,000,000 dollars for a clue that could change the world…FOREVER?!