The reason its Miley Cyrus is that she tries to be the one that people will buy. Trying to be a new singer to sell albums. That is LOW. Most people like her innocent singing. Before she gotten well a little too desperate. Hear that new song Party in the USA? The music is good but the music video? Whats with all the girls dancing around her.>.> she is a female. NOT A LES (or maybe she is who knows)

The reason I am saying this is that Justin bieber is like the NEW MONTANA. Heard the music that he “wrote” One Time? In the first part he keeps talking all ganstah. (i spelled it that way on purpose) Then he gets a call from USHER?! Come on. They probably don’t even know each other that much. Whats with the “A! A! A!” part?! I get nothing. From what I can understand he’s just famous and his music is “ok”. WHAT HAS BEEN GOING ON IN OUR WORLD????? And the party part? He looks through the crowd to find a girl. That is soooooo unoriginal. I mean Taylor swift did that in her music video. Is he becoming the next Taylor Swift? Whats with him. Either he needs to get new directors for his music videos and song writers, or they both need good ideas. 

Btw: The only reason he is popular, is because he was seen in True Jackson. I was like whose Justin Bieber? How come I don’t know about him? When he sang the song I was like “….this song is so long…its not even that catchy or good” Bad impression on me. So I guess Television affects a lot of people. We sorta worship it. Huh?