Hey guys time for another blog! Don’t worry its a positive blog entry. As you can tell its about Natasha Bedingfield ad Jordan Sparks. I’m also adding this kinda extra thingy. Its called the ins and outs of the teenage world. Its based on my opinion but you know lots of those stuff are Out anyways. Back to the topic, both of these singers are totally in right now. They are great singers too. NOT like some rappers or the I forgot his name…oh yeah its justin bieber or Just In BEEEP. I like the songs battlefield, Unwritten, Tattoo, and These Words. Remember readers, choose the good people not the worst. Sure I like catchy songs but not too cussy and inappropriate…yeah i sound like an adult. Maybe I am maybe I’m not.

In: Rude (another word for cool, I’m going to make it famous one day) Converse, as always, but we’ll see, USB drives on necks, Vans, and laptops. Bracelets (not those fancy kinds). Hair scrunches or those hair things you tie your hair with (girls obviously) on your arm.
Out: Cool (SOOOO LAST WEEK), dress shoes, skirts, boots, and jewerly.