Here are the rules.

1. Tell someone that you are going to zap them. Hold their arms really tight. They have to surrender. You have to keep holding them for atleast 5 seconds or if they don’t squirm out then they have to stop.

2. Write ZAP with perm or washable marker. I don’t reccomend washable because it will wash away. perm is ok. Stays on the skin for atleast 2 days. 3 days tops.

3. Write what you want them to say. I made up one that does predicates like. Someone else says “Shannon” and Shannon says ” is an idiot.” Together it say “Shannon is an idiot” funny huh?  Now, you can make them do something too. Write in parenthesis like “Is an idiot. (stick out toungue)” Easy huh?


Sorry no ins or outs today. Creative juices are blocking my thinking brain