If I could have a dollar every day there is drama I would be a trilionaire.

:) So guess what happened today? Hey! No hints. GUESS?!

Here’s a list of character’s in today’s episode.





Yeah the ppl involved today tell their names in their ign. (I think that means In Game Name)

Never mind lets go and WRITE IT :D

So me (darkdoll25) and lisa were just talking together. About how boring it is without anyone on. T.T

So ferry and denny came. Then Anthony came too. We chatted laughed and stuff. o.o

Then here is the interesting part, Lisa then whispered me “If u had to choose what dude would u get?”

and I said “Ferry, I bet u would pick denny cuz u r sitting next to him”

and she said “Well thats cuz u MADE him sit next to him. But I would choose him :)”

SO yeah after I whispered them both do u like ____

and they BOTH said yes :)

I put them in a maplestory messenger and I told straight out “SHE LIKES YOU” and he’s like “I”m really shy :D” and Lisa said “I like you.” then she said again “I’m shy too XD”

so  yeah thats the story of ME getting both of them together :D i should be a match maker :)