Nah, its for me. :) Haha did I trick you into thinking this is will your DRAMA?! HAHAHA

Anyways its about ferry.  anyways like we were totally just laughing and talking. He tried to sit next to me and I think he was like totally SHY and moved an centimeter away from me. Anyways whatever. The world shut down for a server check so there is still MORE DRAMA. Rumor is that Denny was blocked from facebook cuz someone reported his  post and insulting things. XD hahaha ;)

He was sitting close to me and I know he was shy and stuff so he moved away. SO cute :D and he fought for chix for me. For my BIRTHDAY! 50 chix! FIFTY :D I <3 him.

This just in. He has a gf. and that gf is denny’s ex.enough.