Yeah it started pretty bad. Lecturing by my SUCK UP SISTER and my OMG mom. What can you do? I did the best solution. Just listen and bearing with it.

What happened worser!

Joyce told mommy of my “hate” ppl trouble. I knew that they were just exaggerating and stuff. -_- But JOYCE believes everything.

Next she told me that her WHOLE entire buddylist HATES ME. They don’t know me at all. Seriously. How do they know if I’m joking or not. Suks for them. The worst part is that Joyce didn’t defend me. She has to stay with her friends cuz of peer pressure. She doesn’t want to be UNCOOL. Typical.

the worst part? Liz a good friend thought I was annoying too. T.T Help? I can’t change my personality just cause some ppl on the freakin INTERNET says I have to change. They don’t know me that well. If they knew me for 3 years then MAYBE i will listen.

WEll then we went to this kewl sushi rotating bar. :D Then i had the kewlest gift and MOOLAH! :) Yeah it started getting good here. I got an awesome taste of AWESOME CAKE :) Yeah its better here. K drama days here I come :D