If I could yell at you about how suckish my sister is. I would

So, I’m not really feeling the “love” with my sister right now. Yeah, sure we fight sometimes and she gets really annoying, but this might be the worst she has ever GOTTEN.

It all started with her computer crashing. Worst normal day ever.

Now, her computer crashing was the fun part. But it all started getting WORSE.  Becuz she needed my computer to “help” her computer problems, she has been playing BMS on the SIDE. It started yesterday too. “Wait let me check something really quick 5 minutes” turns out to be 30 minutes. “Wait let me play for a second to see who’s on” A SECOND MY BUTTOX. So I had to do writing and stuff and my sis had to USE IT AGAIN. (BTW SHE CRASHED MY DAD’S COMPUTER TOO) I told her to yell if she’s done. So i went upstairs to watch T.V. 1 hour passed. I went downstairs finding out she was playing bms. I heard her say “Ok I will yell” BUT SHE DIDN”T. She was like “Wouldn’t you get suspicious if it took this long? ” I didn’t know how long it would take! How was I suppose to know. Then she tries to suck up to my mom again by yelling “MAH MAH SANDRA YO ATTITUDE LUH” (MOM SANDRA HAS AN ATTITUDE AGAIN) . So MOM COMES DOWN AND STARTS YELLING HOW PPL WOULD WANT TO SMACK ME IN THE FACE. Joyce asked if she can hit me. Mom says “I don’t care if you do.” SO JOYCE SLAPS ME ON THE ARM. Before that she wanted to monitor me typing my writing. Which reminds me I have to read a book. Back to the story. She kept following me. Upstairs and downstairs. Unplugs my laptop. ( i dont have a battery sooo *winds down sound*) Hello? I hate her so much. Yes I do love her. Tiny bit. But these times I want to let her go to a bar. Get her drunk and let her get raped til death. Or get murdered. Either one is FINE. And now. I finally escape her and sitting on my bed typing this. I hope you viewers have fun enjoying and reading my SUFFERING.