I hear the most amazing thing! Ferry and Julia broke up tho the reason is secretive and he won’t tell anyone, its just wow. Amazing. I’m not saying I’m HAPPY or anything. Its just that. UH, nvm. Well, you never know a person til u really know her. I just hope he doesn’t go bak to drinking and stuff.  Now that would be the worst. They were a good couple I guess but seriously? I dunno, even the best of couples break up once. Even tons of trouble happen to the PERFECT couple. Everyone has a soul-m8. Even the ugliest of the ugly. Good luck ppl. I hope you have more ups than down. In the matter of Ferry and Julia, lets just say, we’ll see what happens next time! Me and my friend keep up to the gossip when one of us are on or not. WE have another spy in diguise so I’ll update later. Lets hope it turns for the better! For me that is :D