Lets talk about ToyStory3.

Its the best movie of the year!!! Thats all I can say about it you say? No. Thats not all.

Buzz and Woodie and Jessie rekindle their friendship once again by trying to escape Sunny Daycare. it has a similar plot of 1 and 2 but comes with a twist. Barbie and ken? Mr.CUDDLEBEAR, and evil octipi?! yes, it includes all of those. But what amazes me is that the other toys never really believe Woody at first. They have to have EVIDENCE. The good part and touching moment is when  even tho they know Woodie is Andy’s favorite, they still care for Andy and what ever he does. Then Woody stays with the other toys cuz of his loyalty. What is really touching is the little kid in the end that gets to have all these fun new friends. And new ones too :). Haha the funny part is the end when Ken wrote a letter to the ppl at the girl’s  home. "Barbie has good handwritting!" "Uh, I don’t think thats Barbie" and on the bottem was KEN’S SIGNATURE. Cracked me up it did :) Anyways in conclusion, Toy Story 3 is a must see family movie. It makes you cry makes you laugh and makes you say "AWWWW." Good job, u never failed me and never will Toy Story producers!