There are particulary a specific french fry that I like. Its In-N-out! I’ll do another post on In-n-out l8r.

Who doesn’t like potatoes?! Those HATERS. Don’t worry. I’m not one :D Anyways, don’t you just love that unique taste and the crispiness? Potatoes make you feel full, which is great if you need a quick lunch. Its good for throwing things too the heaviness of the potato. My mom fries hash browns if we have potatoes left after eating mashed potatoes or something. Mostly a BBQ like today for July Fourth. Hey, I gotta go. Its 5 in the morning and I’m just plain bored. Tired, yes, but not sleepy. Well, goodbye for now! Until 10 from now. I’ll be writing a new blog. Tell me why you love potatoes and what kind! Like potato wedges, mashed potatoes, etc.