Since my BEST friend’s parents are gonna check out TX to MOVE. Sue will be staying at a hotel, or her aunt’s house. With not internet, so, LETTERS! I love writing letters to anyone. :) I’m writing to my other BFF, Sharie. We are completely devastated. T.T i mean we were officially BFFS!!! This was our first year together. Of course I have a longer history with Sue. Full of fights and full of laughs. Those were the good times :) for 3 years we were friends, enemies, and frienemies.

If, all goes well, Sue..moves. We are praying for that to not happen. Like forever.NEVERRRR. We plan to stay BFFS to COLLEGE EVEN MORE!!! Please, don’t do this cruel fate. If you do, won’t ppl hate you? Tell me a story of a friend moving or almost moving. Please comment below :)