Summer’s BFF, Sunny, is my new sister on BMS.

Imagine, waking up and finding out you have a sister. Which is a little like this. They never ask to do IT do they?!

Guess not. I joked that they had a baby in 1 hour. I was like “You guys work FAST.”

HAHAHAHHAHA. I think my friends are rubbing off of me. :P Omg, my sister (REAL ONE) is gonna wake up soon.

OH, wait. Its not monday. Anyways I still have to write! I have to tell a SAD story. Please listen and comment below what you feel. All opinion is accepted. I Won’t Hate You Cuz Of Your Opinion. Express yourself :)

Sunny’s mom died a few months after she was born. She blames herself, because if she hadn’t been inside of the mom’s stomach they could’ve checked for cancer. but it was too late. Her dad married another girl and that girl is a bitch who’s mean to sunny. So, she tries to hide it and stuff. I hate peppy people. And people who don’t say who’s on their mind. Is it that good to bottle it all up? I don’t think so.

ok, I think thats it :)