No, not the object shadow. When light hits and doesn’t pass through something, darkness forms. Nope, not that. Oh, wait its a metaphor. Nah! Its an ign of a sneaky liar!

xXShadowXx is a h8r. A felix h8r to be specific. He started whispering Summer, and started telling things about “Better be prepared to be dumped.” “Hope you have fun getting dumped”

When summer demanded for more, all she got was a story. “Look he said my friend were annoying and dishes on them. I’m loyal to my friends so, thats why I hate him. Its unfair and rude.” ¬†Honestly, we thought it was jealously. We were WRONGGG. And after Summer cornered him, “Earlier today, I heard Felix talking about not having a gf and asking Mono to be his gf.”

Of course as soon as Felix got on, I asked him about. All he said was “No, I meant I didn’t have a gf in HIGH SCHOOL.”

So yeah. I told summer or whispered “I know I should not be saying this. But I think Felix can lie too.”

There are questions to be asked about the story.

-Why would someone like Shadow lie about something and not see the flaws in the logic?

– Why Mono?! Everybody knows she’s taken by Justtea or John.

– Why would HE LIE? He has no reason..he really wants Felix to suffer?

So yeah thats all of them. Please comment below and lets see what you say!

P.S. He deleted everyone thats friends with Felix. I mean EVERYONE.