I know I know, I’m LATE.It was YESTERDAY. But I’m here to give you a highlight >.~

~Joyce goes to Movie
~Tammy and Ben arrive
~Katharine arrive
~Vivan and Uncle Frank arrive
~Goes to swimming pool
~Me and Tammy both on “.”
~Hallie and Joyce and Kat arrive to swimming pty
~They have fun while me and Tam play on the side
~I watch Alice in Wonderland on Tammy’s iPod
~tammy goes suntanning
~BBQ, Charlie and Grandma and Grandpa arrive and Aunt Daphne
~We eat :D
~Joyce and friends to nails and hair
~Mom slaps my arm for LOSING A CAMERA then finds it again
~Goodbye :D

Haha. we watched the Macy one on television. Lucky New Yorkers. I don’t care what they say :P L.A. is so much better. Who has all the stars and singers?! WE DO. All new york has is HIGH BUILDINGS. o.o Yeah i think thats all :P