So, nearing the end of the school year, I became besties with Sharon and Susan. They were the best of the best. But there was a reason, Susan was in a clique. A very very popular group too. No one would leave that group unless forced. And that is why Susan was kicked out for good. Susan and Ellis had a problem against each other. They would fight with each other and then, Ellis kicked Susan out. Then Susan started hanging out with Sharon and I started hanging out wif them. Susan was still pissed about Ellis and we made a huge deal. We  had some problems about JamJam and you know. Her crush? Its _______. And he’s like Whatever. she made a huge deal about JamJam. And started whispering and spreading rumors cuz I knew about it. ANd I confronted her friend, Brenda. Of course they denied it and my friend had certain resources :) and found out I was right! (Ok she read through her email) And I think the fight subsided. But Sharon and Susan still hate them. O.O I’m ok with it. I live with it now :) WEll I’ll blog about something else now :D