1. I have problems with Kal. So does Alan. He’s really impulsive.
It kept with the dissing. And the cussing. And involvment.
I know Kal is nice when he wants to be. But he has to be nicer.
He’s my friend now and he’s really funny and nice. But i dun’t know what to do
the next time he disses my friends. I think i should let it go. And ignore. I should
encourage them too. And tell them about Kal about how nice and funny he is. Joyce is still choosing sides.
Alan wants to get banned or quit becuz Kal really pushed him through the edge. Kal is gettin on everybody’s nerve lately
and everyone will quit becuz he’s dissing everyone. Then he’ll get banned.I wish to see the day :)
The reason why he dissed on Alan is becuz he walked into fm 21
Kal stopped dissing me becuz he found out i was joyce’s sis and joyce is supergm. Coward. Since he and quoc are REALLY REALLY CLOSE
quoc can ban me and my other friends who hate him and turn the other cheek to Kal.
This server is messed up beyond compare. I won’t quit tho. Tons of juicy stuff!