1. Shannon got asked out by ImTheHero.
2.She denied Imthehero
3.Fake answers to my CHAT QUESTION!!!
4. Denny said they weren’t dating. WHY IS SHANNON OR DENNY LIEING!
5. chat of how it happened in blog pictures folder
6. they dated for 5 minutes. Cuz shannon didn’t want to pay
for denny to be her bf :P XD LOL

1. Summer broke up first and “Wanted to be friends” and “One day we will be together again but not now”

2. Felix will get pissed if Joey start dating summer (JEALOUS)

3. SUmmer said she wouldn’t get jealous if Felix dates someone..(me? nah….) (*cough* LIAR)

4. Summer and Felix seem ok. I’m worried. They will either quit or something

5.Felix in depression mode, he said none of his bms friends hang out with him anymore.

What happened? We used to play all the time.

I got them to talk about Joey (SUMMER REALLY REALLY LIKES HIM)

And Felix said he must concentrate on something else than love right now. Like his studies.

I got it all sorted out. Felix said the reason why is just that his mind automatically says it.

I’m there if it gets too awkward for them. and Joey. Joey will be bak to get the chix and prob ask Summer

or summer will ask him :) I’ll get them to talk. Its always me isn’t it o.o

At the Quay b4 we were chatting about the bumps that need to clear out

Yesterday’s conversation might have led to this conclusion

P.S. Talking about Kal and I told summer i was afraid of joyce banning her and stuff.

Oh and I might’ve talked to felix abut summer problem. Dig up any info about breakup from felix. See whats his

side of the story.

Summer thought it wasn’t working out and just wanted to be friends

a few hours b4 i logged in. B4 2 PM

The message was “I always wanted you to be happy. But the one time I want to be happy you are mad at me.”