(P.S. the reason i didn’t post anything the past two days is becuz I”M GETTING LAZY!! REALLY LAZY SORRY)

Shadow’s new gf. Izumo. (She was an ugly noob b4 like TODAY. I bet she just had enuff chix to buy herself decentclothes. tho they are very ugly. o.o)~Awkward between them~”Hys <3″ “Heys” Awkward pause. F6 and sit next to each other
!Summer is being overreacting about Joey being in LOVE with her (IN LOVE WITH SUMMER KELLEY I MEAN)She’s really dramatic like this whole thing is a lovestory. Thats only in movies summer!BTW- she’s hidingin a character called Lovesick ( her nickname is “Star”) sheesh stealing greed’s name :POh and Felix said the girl he reallly really likes or love rejected him but said she will hang out with him:) i said its like friendship being stepping stones towards love :D i told him to talk to summer about their currentrelationship f1 I don’t know how its gonna work out tho.. ):