If I had written this 3 hours ago, I would’ve said.


Danny is a girl and apparently really really touchy about it.
IMPOSSIBLE! But he answered everyquestion. Except the girl questions
he suks -_-
Doesn’t know what Chanel is
Wouldn’t answer what Coach is
Knows what a turbo kit
nitrometh boosters
He doesn’t know who Megan Fox is. “she’ likes motercycle.. wow. ‘”
and Felix and Alex said he is a she. Since they are cusins and all. its so weird they have no pictures of her too o.o
And danny was like “believe what u want” and (VAGUE) So yeah I dug a little farther and he finally admitted he wasn’t a girl. Finally/ But he apparently has a “main” account name aznlilgirl. PSH he acts really good..