Yarden learns english by maplestory :)
Still improving
We were remembering the episodes :D We were laughing to all of the ones that are funny and stuff (all of them were :D)
Joined ninjastory working out klinks
So as u know alan and lisa got banned cause alan hated Kal and yeah o.o so they joined ninjastory
unfortunately it won’t work for me (CURSE U STUPID COMPUTER)
Bob is all emo now. She keeps on cutting herself.
I made it worst too. Please help ):
I mean she says her goal is 15 CUTS! I made it worst! SO MUCH WORST.
I”m heartless
I’m selfish
I don’t deserve a friend like bob
But What do i do?
I trash it.
I made a  new friend today. His name is Philip and I helped
him get a gift for their anniversary :D its a lockett. I got that
idea from nancy drew- Phantom of Venice :)