I’m just scared for summer I mean what if Joey was like DENNY! I mean..if summer is gone for a long time ): Joey might dump her! Then summer will feel crushed like Felix but he didn’t leave. I think summer will . Write down what you’ll think Joey will do and Summer will do when she gets dumped!

More news on Kal. ok so Kal made a lot of people mad. Especially Yarden. I know, yarden can be annoying sometimes but he’s really nice! just because he has ONE FAULT doesn’t mean he is a bad person! ): I mean I am defending Kal Joey and Yarden at the same time which puts me in a tough spot. Its like I’m sorta in BOTH SIDES!! Joey accused me of being in Yarden’s side but I’m really NEUTRAL!!!!

Ugh more drama doesn’t mean its the best. ):