Woot its time for another BLOG DAYYY!! This day (Wednesday) is the topic “Real Life” and I might add a special blog post to appreciate that I’m actually having READERS!! I wonder why, but uh I’m not gonna question this great great gift :)

So I got two blog posts and I’m gonna start with this that has been TOTALLY MAKING ME FEEL SO EXCITED!!

I actually got a phone. Ok ok, so I got a Go-Phone but they SUCK! No texting, and do you know what? I can’t call any other people that AREN”T AT&T! I mean that TOTALLY SUCKS DUDE. Anyways, it almost came in handy. I mean this guy I’ve been CRUSHING on since THIRD GRADE asked me for my phone number and I was considered “a friend” but YAY! He wasn’t AT&T but he asked anyways :) now he completely ignores me.. ANYWAYS enuff about that!

I got a touch screen PHONE WITH UNLIMITED TEXTING AND EEEK ITS AWESOME :DDDD I can text and CALL ANYONE. HAHAH!I hope this includes Hawaii. Too bad it doesn’t include Canada…I’ll blog about that reason later on. Here’s a picture of it :) my phone that is.

Oh and two topics in ONE today~~ Next blog post coming up :)

Oh and if you can please comment! I want to know SOME people read mine and aren’t dead. :D