So, as I was searching for a picture for my Samsung Impression,I noticed that GOOGLE GOT AWESOMER!!!

Here are the pics :D

Isn’t it AWESOME?! And a darker note… ):

Lisa got so emo. (Bob) She was so emo she cut herself 15 times as a goal. Her life sucks right now but I can’t help feeling mad at her for trying to GIVE UP! I mean she deleted Lisa and Alan from her phone so she can’t text them anymore. (Which is TOTALLY EXPENSIVE for Lisa and Alan and for Bob) Sigh, I’m so worried for her. SHe said she wants us out of her lives and just forget her but I can’t. If I give up on her now she’ll do even worse to herself. What should I DO?! But I guess she got better..a little. Omg I forgot what was my BONUS BLOG ABOUT! AGHHHH oh wait now i remember XD