So, I know it seems SILLY to like a person on a GAME but hey i’m young I should KNOW how a relationship would be like b4 a REAL LIFE relationship so this is actually A PRACTICE relationship. I know lame excuse. BUt i’ll go with it anyways :D

I like Timbo, Mario, Jase, and Dan. Yeah a lot of dudes but you would like them too! They are my friends DUR! I meant as in LIKE AS A FRIEND HAHAHA! Ok ok, Mario Jase and Dan are just friends but I like Timbo a little bit more. Just a little bit tho o.o XD Still my friends I don’t think of them as my boyfriends..TOO AWKWARD! I mean if you were dating your BEST FRIEND WHO WAS WITH YOU FOR MORE THAN 8 OR MORE YEARS THAT IS AWKWARD too much history right? So, I think you know where I”m getting at. Well thats it for today. But tomorrow is MORE DRAMA but sorta information of what happened tomorrow. Here’s a teaser. Wedding Photos. BB :D