Denny please take the stage!

*Applause from Audience*

Denny: Uh, thanks for having me here on your show Sandra!

Sandra: Your welcome Denny. Your welcome. Lets get on with the show now huh?

Denny: I suppose! I suppose.

Sandra: Well its time to say. I saw how you really look like! And might I say you sorta look like Logan LERMON!

Here’s a pic everyone.

Denny: You..uh took a picture of my picture?

Sandra: Nope! I took a screenshot of ur picture silly.

Denny: OH uh ok.

Sandra: So just say what you think of him down there. Goodlooking or not?

Denny: HEY!

Sandra: Doesn’t matter if its hurtful :D


Sandra: SHHH. Ok bye :)


Sandra: Here is another day with..Denny!

Denny: Uh thanks for having me here. Again.

Sandra: This is an additional show biz episode alright!

Denny: OK OK! Don’t get ur…

Sandra: *glares*

Denny: sorry..T.T

Sandra: ok, here’s another note on ur profile! Turns out u r…handsome from our viewers. Ugh I would vote neutral but hey, its what they think.

Denny: *blushing”

Sandra: Haha. You are like a big tomato. Anyways.. more news. He is a parkour and a skater! Can you tell us what Parkour is?

Denny: Its like doing tricks with your body. Search on youtube~

Sandra: Don’t advertise youtube!

Denny: Sorry Ms. Sandra. D:

Sandra: Good boy. *gives him a treat*

Denny: *BARK BARK*

Sandra: uhhh, SEE YOU NEXT TIME!