Dan got upset when me and Timbo went to the Ludi house alone
to talk. He followed us and said “ditcher” and seemed upset.
At first I thought he was joking and stuff but he yelled at
me. When I came bak to the FM (Free Market) Whats happening?

I thought he was just jealous :) JK! HAHAHAHAH, nah I don’t think thats happening. Don’t wnna go to the wrong conclusion like Summer MS DRAMA QUEEN. -_- if you actually know her then you’ll see what I nicknamed her that.

Uh, I guess thats all. Oh and summer is gonna make a new icon of me :) YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY =D

hmmm anything else to post? Oh yeah! My food blogs. I’ll make the whole entire day filled with them. I’m gonna POST POST POST! Cause I don’t know when I”m gonna be unbanned..CURSE U JOYCE AND QUOC! CURSE UUUU