Ok thats all the posts for today. I actually did thursdays! Well one of the topics on thursdays. Another post coming up. Tomorrow that is. At 1 Am maybe? XP :) Well u know this clock down there on the typing thingy, its REALLY REALLY wrong. I mean its actually 5:53 pm and its saying that its 7:53 am I think I did it wrong. Oops. So, don’t listen to the clock on here. ITS PACIFIC TIME OK! PACIFIC WITH DAYLIGHT SAVINGS. Here in cal of course. You know in Texas. Thats where my friend is moving..T.T is actually full of WHITE PEOPLE. I mean like CHOCK full of them. Sorry, but i’m azn. Sure I have chinky eyes i think..but if we left america all of the asians it would be pretty empty. Its like every 3 houses is EMPTY. uh, lets make it all azns across the world got free tickets to go to outer space. :) yupppp sure. You caucasians and some other races would be like “Err, I miss my friend! I miss my husband! I miss my teacher. I miss my girlfriend/boyfriend. I miss yelling mean jokes at asians! I miss my grandpa…I miss EVERYONE.” SO yeah. don’t say bad things about us cuz when we really disappeared you’d all be sorry. Wow, this is a very weird topic post. UH so uhm thats all!