Uhm, think of this.

You are walking home one day and you see a bunch of people just trashing it, for no REASON. You yell at them to go ” Go Away you bastards!” but they just stare at you blankly and still trash it. You try to reason with them ” Why are you doing this?! You don’t have a reason to.” They answer back politely, ” We are doing this, because we want to. We crave for it. We have no reason to care what happens to your home.”

Thats whats happening to our home. OUR EARTH. The one who gives us everything, anything, without asking for even a single penny in return. What do we do? We take it for granted. Those snobby teenagers out there use electronics without giving a thought. I asked my sister thousands of times, do you love nature? She says ” No, I hate it.” She hates the bugs more, but does she actually get the concept of nature? She’s too busy being a stupid gm in this game that she doesn’t go to the window, take a look and realize how beautiful it is.

What I don’t get, is that people look at an article about how the world is in danger, look sad about it, put down the article and watch tv or go out and use the car. Driving pointlessly to anywhere for ‘fun”. Of course I do not object to using the car out for fun, but seriously driving it somewhere and not buying a single thing for use? I think about many things. I think of “What Ifs” or “This should’ve happened a long time ago”. ” I shouldn’t have done this” is what I think about most. For many other reasons, but now onto the main subject on hand.

I watch some shows on TV, and I see the many usages of lights for no reason, just to flash or making it twist and turn to make it pleasurable to the eye. If there was 30 tv sets that uses energy saving light-bulbs, they would’ve saved millions. Who knows? This economy right now has made us stay home more and not spend too much money. Hence, the green lightbulbs, not using the car too much to drive to restaurants or shopping for clothes. To save money, stores (like Ralphs) have motion sensors on the lights, so when someone comes close, the refrigerators turn on. I thought that was a great example for saving money and showing the consumers “Hey! We don’t use too much electricity!” (I personally think that will get much more customers).

I’ll tell you a story about how humans are so much to the pollution and trash in the air, it’ll make you laugh and gasp. Literally.

My writing tutor was talking about this today in writing class.

“So, my brother and me were on a tour through the west coast of U.S. and the bus had stopped at a bus stop. It was really beautiful it was like woods surrounding the bus stop and there was nobody walking around. We started gasping, and we asked each other what was going on. Its like the feeling of breathing in cold air, but ten times worse. My brother suddenly had a thought. “The air! Its too fresh! Lets go stand by the bus’s exhaust pipe!” What is ironic is that when we went to stand by it, our breathing steadied and we felt better.”

What a great story! It explains so much too. We are so used to the pollution, we don’t even notice it. Once when the sun was setting, I looked towards the mountains. It was so foggy. I realized, it was smog. Smog was being filled in the air right now and I just realized it. I once read an article that because of the mountains and the wind of the ocean, smog is usually trapped inside L.A. and it cannot be released. I’m not saying that the mountains are a bad thing, but shouldn’t we make this sort of man made plant that feeds off hydrocarbon-oxide?! It would certainly help the earth and help the economy! Think of all the business and the opportunities people!

Well, this is certainly a long post, but I’m just here to say. Earth is our home, yet we do nothing about it. Not even in the long run.