Wants to smack my sister so hard, I would have to go to jail in North Korea for CHILD abusement. 2. Wants to type in her skype box that she’s busy smacking her head against the bathroom mirror to get back to them.

is my facebook status right now. about I don’t know 10 minutes ago, I was totally pissed at joyce. I mean seriously I took it to the NEXT LEVEL. Like I went to her room and(several times) and she’s like OK OK I’ll go! And blah blah next i stormed in there and she’s like DUDE JUST WAIT- I was like “SHUT THE HELL UP! JUST GET IN THERE” and she went out and she’s like “are u PMSIN” and she twisted my arm and I yelled for Mom. Then I was doing a jigsaw puzzle to calm the hell down and finally I couldn’t take it and I had a few pieces and put them on a blue board and went to her room. I was like “Do you know what this is” and she’s like “Dude, I’ll go. BTW you have to pick them up afterwards” I was gonna uhm eh hem anyways, then finally she said “2 more minutes” so I counted. Then it was 5, then it was 7, then it was finally 10. She and her stupid skype friends think they are all that and she keeps saying SHIT SHIT SHIT I mean WHAT THE FUCK TURNED HER INTO THAT. I blame her fucking friends. Anyways, thats the time I kicked her ass.