Ok, so look I won’t be able to post a lot of stuff about BMS anymore, because frankly, its school for some ppl so its like a ghost town. I’ve been BANNED from SAYING anything IMPORTANT! JK! I have all the chat logs and EVERYTHING :O


1. Since BMS gets highly boring from time to time and I hate it right now because..I lost all of my bluffs and chix. PHUCK YOU QUOC!

2. School is starting soon. I mean SOON. AS IN REAL SOON. I won’t be able to PLAY bms and I will be blogging about my friends and drama ;) Don’t worry. From my perspective you will get to know all the “characters” in 7th grade drama.

3. I will still be posting about FOOD so don’t worry ;)

MMM I think thats it!

How about some events happening to me? :0

1. GOING TO LASVEGAS BBY :D Its like a family reniun for us. All our family members come! Except for my dad’s brothers side. Ehh, we don’t really connect much with them. i mean I never saw them since..7 years ago? My dad isn’t really on  good terms with Uncle _____’s wife. So yeah.

2. Going to the ISA LA concert. ;) ITS GONNA BE OFF THE HOOK!

The layout of the concert. Important people anyways..

1. Poreotics (ABDC season 5 winners :OOO)

2. NIGAHIGA (Ryan Higa has over 2,000,000 subscribers :D)

3.  KevJumba (Kevin Wu has 1,000,000 subscribers or views)


5. Lydia Paek from QUEST CREW!


1. Quest Crew

2. David Choi

and someone balh balh :D