So, these past 4 days maybe I’m going to Las Vegas and I won’t be posting on any blog entries. If I can actually find a source of FREE internet then MAYBE. But, not really. Cause, I’ll be too busy PLAYING NANCY DREW TRAIL OF THE TWISTERS : O

On another note, these are some things that are TOTALLY IN AGAIN!

1. Total Drama World TOUR! (GWEN AND DUNCAN <3)

2. FOOD :O Always ;)

3. Crushes and CRUSHEES :DD

4. Besties and Friends

Some things that are out…

1. Myspace (FOREVER >:D)

2. Youtube lagging -_______-

3. Waiting for things to happen

4. Bitches

5. People you hate and hate you back

6. Buds


1. B4LS! Buds for life

2. TWSS (Thats what she said)

3. GBYL (Good bye you loser!)

So there you goo :)

Don’t worry when I come back its BLOG AWAY! Because I totally have stuff to talk about ;) See yah :D