Ok look, everybody says that JUSTIN BOOBY was famous on youtube b4 .

But I believe since he was on True Jackson VP, and I didn’t like his long long singing his popularity began to rise.

Just because he has 300,000,000 views on his music vid Baby, read the comments and then you’ll see its all full of haters.

Yeah, you are the baby justin bieber. I hope you read this!

Its not like at first I hated you (more or less) in the beginning. But seriously, over time you’ve been doing immature things and rude things too. Should I pull up the cellphone twitter incident?!

Girls think of you as a god. Boys (with singing dreams) think you are a model. People in between are us.

We HATE you. Seriously, we hate your girlish singing, the way girls practically kiss the ground you walk on, and the way you think you are so popular just because USHER is UR MENTOR.

I only watch the Somebody to Love because of Poreotix and Beat Freaks. OK?! Goddamnit don’t get full of yourself.

I’ve joined almost all of the Justin Bieber hate clubs on facebook and I’m fully devoted. I’m happy that you are totally a famous dude and is living the life but when that record contracts breaks (soon i hope) you’ll be one of those “where are they now ” shows. I mean think of Ally and AJ and the two twins, and Lindsy Lohan. They were so freakin popular. But people grew old of them. I hope you get old. LADY GAGA FAN FTW :)