Middle school has a lot of drama. Everywhere I go, there are DRAMA! I mean with Bryant and Wynne and Kevin and Connie. WOOOOOO!

So, Kevin’s relationship status is SINGLE! But the fashion show where he ESPECIALLLy went to connie’s fashion SHOW YESTERDAY! They were like the PERFECT COUPLE! BUT THENNNNN, suddennly they BROKE UP?! Connie is confused, they didn’t break up. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TOMORROW WHEN THEY SEE EACH OTHER. Are they gonna talk?

now with Wynne and Bryant

big deal they KISSED ON TEH CHEEK. WOOT.

I mean its like they are soooo happpy.

And another relationship DIED

Jason and Derek DIVORCED :O

don’t worry we aren’t gay or les.

its for fun ;)

but its funny when others think that we are. WE’RE FRIENDS SHEESH ):<