if I have the motivation, I will add sections to the story every week. (depends on the availability of the laptop ):)

Section 1:

“IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!” I screamed at the serial killer.

“You’ll be surprised how many I have left…” He inched closer.

I should probably start at the very beginning shall I? I go to an almost NORMAL school. Its a CO-Ed typical private school. The special part? They train us to be CIA covert agents and White Collars or FBI and all that special agent things. We hack into Russian government secret SeCRET files for 100,000 dollars for the U.S. government. Sure, thats like a DAY job for us. Our night job? Oh, I don’t think I should write it down, it could be viewed by others…

Like, I said, an almost NORMAl school. Lets go into the first person view thingy majib k?

As the doors suddenly opened up in front of me, I almost had a heart attack. I’m pretty sensitive to SUDDEN noises. i forgot there was a new installment of weight scanner and eye scanner and breathing in scanner. Pretty high-tech. Rumor is that some retired agents stole some  alien tech from Area 51 but you didn’t hear it from me.

The cafeteria was booming with people, all waiting for lunch. *BRIIIINNNNGGGGG*


We don’t wait in line however. We sit down at our designated areas and say what we want to eat in the microphone or if too lazy or just don’t know what to eat, we use our fingers and scroll down the menu for today on the iPad. Yup, luxurious. Have i told you my dad’s the president and my mom’s FBI/CIA/SUPER SECRET AGENCIES/ and the FIRST LADY? She’s the woman any guy would want. A woman who can kick ass and defuse a bomb under 3 seconds AND can choose a REALLY cute and formal outfit to go out to dinner.

“Hey, Rebecca! Trina! ”



I wanted to tell them that it had been pretty boring. But that wasn’t the case, I found ancient Mayan treasure! I’m an architecture in training.


“Ooh a text, I gotta take this. Oh and see you at _________”

“You too.”

They quickly walked ahead discussing secret plans for my blind date.

Hey girlfriend. :)”

It was my secret boyfriend, that was somewhere in this school. His name? Jason. My friends thought that I was still single, but I finally confessed to Jason and he said yes. It was pretty romantic. Despite the fact that we were fighting terrorists at that time.

“HEYYYY!!!! <3 How’s karate?”


“Why? :O”

“You weren’t there. thats why.”

“<3 heehee :)”

“Oops. Gotta go. Gonna be late for Sub-Level 6”

“): K, secret meeting at dorm turnpoint. Code: 384lkhd2”

“Got it hunny <3 X)”

“See yah :D”

So yeah, I know what you are thinking if you ever read this book. Gallagher Girls. Ring a bell? yes this is sorta like a version of mines of that book. I’m not saying i OWN the book and thoughts and stuff, I’m saying the STORYLINE is mine. Not the similarities tho :O

I think this is enuff…SEE U TOMORROW :)