1.Family is very important because they had supported me and stopped me from making recklass choices. they also loved me through when I did bad things.

2. Health is pretty important because it makes us happy and live longer. I’d rather not be the only one that lived because I’m the youngest in my whole main family tree. I would rather have my family members live fully and happily.

3. money is a very valued item. It buys things we need for survival, for health, and sometimes to others, to buy a small toy that makes a little kid happy during christmas. Without money, you don’t always live. Technically.

4. Adventure is quite important because I had not experienced any yet. I would like to go over the whole world and travel to exotic places. I’d eat food I’ve never heard of and go to places I would probably never see again.

5. Education gives me something to do with my life. Its like a stepping stone towards my dream although I don’t know quite yet. I would choose my path carefully because I would have to be happy at my job to make money and a living.