The clouds were gathering and I squeezed my pet guinea pig close to my chest. There was no one near me on the street. the wind blew the fall orange leaves around like they were dancing ever so lightly. I closed my eyes thinking about what happened days ago. I sat on the curb and had a FLASHBACK.

I was zooming through the white purple expanse of my mind. I opened a door dated September 20,2010. As I steeped through I suddenly was doing my actions as I was during that day.

“Mom!” I screamed.

“Sigh what?” She answered.

“I can’t find my recipe! I put it right here.”

“Well go look for it then.” She said crossly.

(I really hate the quotations so no more.)

I stomped upstairs and closed my door. there was a mysterious note hanging on my door and said “I’m going for your parents. They deserved it!”

There were very unidentifiable writing on the note.

I searched through my room nervously. Was there a killer in my room?


I freezed, what was that?

I cautiously looked under the bed. There was a dog. A dog? i didn’t own a dog! All of my “dogs” were stuffed animals.

What happened?

It stared at me cautiously and said, Well don’t just stand there! Help me out of here.

I took (his? her?) paws and half dragged, half carried, and half tugged (him? her?) out of there.

I know what your thinking, am I a girl or boy, a girl. She said to me

Oh, I knew that!, I told her.

Sure you did. Look, I need to get your parents., She barked.

No! DON”T YOU DARE KILL THEM!, I freaked out.

(ok I’ll use parenthesis from now on.)

(Look, there’s nothing to be afraid of!) She said

(yeah, sure)

(Look, I’ll get them and bring them back. I promise on DLK)

(Who’s DLK)


(uh, ok..)

Yeah its not a mystery story anymore is it. o.o