Winter is dark and gloomy. Cold as ice, and whipping air that slaps my face. If ind there is no sun, just coldness. I feel the air just stop and it feels like a popsicle who made a brain-freeze on the earth. That is by far the best feeling in the world. How the first raindrop tickles my face, and everything. The chill like I’m staring eye to eye with a killer. It quickly goes down to your toes and numbs it. Dew drop on a spider web. The warmth being blasted in the house. Walking out side without a jacket makes you shiver. The coldness just makes your hair freeze up and stay there. You rub your arms together in a desperate attempt to warm your selves. You think of the hot warm chocolate just waiting for you inside. You quickly walk to the lighted cabin where you are. And you stare outside just as snowdrops falls down. You look at their crystallization and think of how beautiful the Earth is. It gives us these gifts..and we treasure it till we die.