There was once a ghost, a ghost who made her last life on the Milky Way Galaxy Complex Homes her best. She found her lover, pets who cared and had a great job.

There was an office building for ghosts where ghosts make a living. Only the most wise and powerful had an important job. making a world and picking who to put on the world.

A ghost would pick 5 billion and more “citizens” to be born there, make discoveries, cause crime, and make love for the planet. A personal goal for those important ghosts is to keep the world they made in balance. This is where our ghost, Maia, comes in. When people die, they get “reborn” into baby ghosts. Ghost society is much like human society. they eat, shop, and go to school. If they die before their parents they live by themselves. If they are reborn and are still young they have guardians. They all get jobs as soon as they turn 100 ( you add your ghost years and living years together) you get a job you choose. (They are reborn with their past memories) Maia, was chosen with that special job.


Maia stalked across the yard. She looked left and right and went to the abandoned place. You guessed it this place is where you make planets. It was sacred that only in desperate times of need for the humans would they use the machine. Legend is that the most powerful being of magic sacrificed his life and power to create the machine that made worlds. It was used in emergencies and only those with an innocent heart and mind shall they use it. Maia needed it to use it, need it badly. She had gotten a dream (for ghosts they are rare and usually mean something) that soon in 10 years the human world (the most successful one) is going to die soon. She had to carry them to the new planet, but should not get caught. If she had been caught she would be reborn again with NO MEMORIES and had to relearn how the world works. It was the cruelest punishment of all, and since going to a sacred building, it was worth it.

I can’t think of anything else. Finish the story in your mind. :)