Titled: Scary Story Scenes (and sorta plotline)

I would have a scary story setting in Translvania, the haunted place where-rumors are- vampires were first spread there. The characters would be dared by a mysterious wealthy man (with a weird hint, who only comes out during the night) made them stay at the manor where the first victims were. I would use bats, glow in the dark beware signs, and creaking staircases. Voices would be heard in the deepest corners of the attic, where little children laugh and play sounds (rumored to be the kids of the vampire victims), basement, and the garden that seems to be for miles with gravestones that rattle. An old myth with the victims of the first vampires are buried in the cemetery.  The old grave keeper had suddenly become pale faced with a very obsessed habit of drinking cherry juice that seems strangely like thick wine. It was smelling like blood banks. He suddenly disappeared. There would be a vampire-hunter that was killed under mysterious circumstances. The characters would be people with dark sinister pasts, and their fate would be determined in the Danger Game.