Hi guys!

I’m kinda bored nowadays.

But, I think I’ll quit. I know I know, WHY WHY WHY?!

Haha, its ok. I”ll visit sometimes. I mean blogs, they sorta winded down a bit. Ok, since I”m in 7th grade theres not much to do but homework. I really don’t like “socializing” and hate awkward conversations. I’m not exactly a loner, but I really don’t get invited to other stuff often. But, its not like I want to :)

I’m stuck at home doing NOTHING. I’m sure there’s SOMETHING. But I don’t want to waste my dad’s money for entertainment and stupid things. LIke shopping for too much clothes. I mean seriously.

I like typing and expressing my self. But I need something to talk about!

Ok, I’ll talk about…SILLY BANDS!
I’m sure they’ve taken over your school too. Those really really weird rubber bands that look squiggly and gross when you put them on but by themselves they make a neat picture!

Its kinda gay, and the popularity has lets say..gone down a little? I don’t see much. However, I don’t stare at people’s arms and see if they do have it. I think I’m lez. JUST KIDDING HAHAHAHHAHAA
Imagine your expression when I just blurted out I”M LEZ.

Seriously, I’m joking. D:<

I have this amaazzzinnnggg crush. And its a boy -_- so SHUDDUP :D

Well I think I’m done now. Good bye :) I might not quit so CROSS UR FINGERS :)