I decided since I liked how the story started, I will finish it :)

Lets see.


She finally made it through the door. There was no security since the leaders (unknown leaders) were so confident that their sacred building would NOT be  touched because of the citizens’ fear of getting caught and punished. Maia just HAD to see if her dream was true. In it, it showed how to MAKE planets. The details were so strict that if she messed up just one tiny mistake it would cost her life, and the dying planet’s life. It took ten years to make a planet, and in the ghost world it would be 3 days. She HAD to start soon.

She never knew how advanced ghost technology really was. Although her room was pretty techno, what the officials had were 40 years ahead. (40 years ahead in ghost world is 10,000 years ahead in human world). Her apartment was decent, kept her happy and comfortable. Ghost families were forbidden. If ghosts were near their old partners they would be overcome with grief and would think about not having their children with them. Some ghosts would actually go as far as killing their children to be with them. So, Maia couldn’t be with her husband. She missed him dearly. She cried and cried when she reached the building inside. It reminded her of her old house ( for some reason).

(back to the story done explaining)

*thunk thunk*

Maia froze. Was someone in the building with her? She had to find out. *tiptoe tiptoe* She looked around the dark, damp hallway. No one in sight. She was puzzled. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder. She stifled a gasp. She slowly turned around and it was..Justin. Her old high school crush. Here? She was puzzled. (note: They are teenagers for life. Even if they were married in the living they were single in the ghost world. They could even have boyfriends and girlfriends but no marrying)

She blushed. (if ghosts COULD blush. Don’t ask me :))

“What are you doing here?” She yelled/whispered.

“I should be asking YOU that.” He hissed back.

“Come on follow me!” He whispered to Maia. She had no choice. That strange sound was coming closer.

They finally found a place to hide, in the closet.

“Well, what is the reason your here?” Maia asked persistantly.

“Ok look, I’ve had a dream that told me to help someone that was going to save the most successful planet ever made.” He confessed.

“W-what?!” Maia exclaimed quietly.

“Its, its me! I-I had the the dream! To tell me to save a world in 3 days time.” She confessed back to him.

“Really?!” He stared shockingly at her. Maia had to confess to him.

“I’ve had a…crush on you in high school you know? I just wanted to get off my chest so I didn’t have to like have weird thoughts while we are working together.” She said without much emotion.

“Oh. Uh, me…too.” He looked to the side. Maia was extremely (EXTREMELY) shocked at hearing this.


Well here you go. Ghosts finding true love in the afterlife! Well Maia’s second true life. I should stop here. And yes this story has romance in it. Surprised? Me too :) More next time :D