I’ve decided that I will start doing the music critic thing. Now I’ve thought about this band for a lot of times. You guys wanna know what band is it? Its Far East Movement! I find it hard to believe that white people find it hard to believe (or anyone else in that matter) that asians can talk without chinese or aznish accents. Really is it really that hard to find it true? Sure they use autotones but not that much to the extent that its the whole song!

Of course, I support them because I’m azn. But i’m sure lots of other races support them too! Now this is what I find SO awesome about their songs. Most people HATE it because of this ONE REASON.


Hello?! Most of their songs are for PARTY SONGS. I’m sure people like DAFT punk. But FM (some) of their songs are like their songs with WORDS and RAP in them! Some people are AIRHEADS…Why can’t some people ACCEPT that AZNS are good in any fields of ANYTHING as much as the next white guy?!

This nation is so racist. The gov’t is racist. Everyone is. I suppose its what keeps the world going. This world is EVIL.

I can’t say anything more about that.

Oh and did I mention I’ll be going off track? yeah, I will.

Back to the matter on hand, STOP HATING ON FM! Hate on JB! I swear…..you would rather hate on people WITH talent than hate on ppl WITHOUT talent. I have no reason to hate JB, but frankly just seeing him makes me puke…

The next article will be..about BOOK CRAVINGS :)