The wind flapped around Sarah’s face as she stood outside of the school. It was quiet. Too quiet, she thought. Would the enemy know she was staying at this school yet?! her face was clouded with worry. She heard a bush rustle. She thought it was quite unusual for the wind blew south and the bush was at the east. She went over to check it out. And under it was a boy, looked one year older than her. he looked like this.

Drew Roy

Drew Roy

and Sarah looked like this:

Miranda Cosgrove

and Justin looked like this:

I can't have all of them white! I forgot his name XD

So now you know what they look like picture them with my awesome detailing.

“Who are you and WHAT are you doing here?” Sarah scowled at the boy hiding under the bush.

“Hey, hey don’t need to get all mad at me! My friend dared me to come here I am.” He put up his hands.

He’s quite quite cute..NO! He’s trespassing. I shouldn’t let me get away with this. But if what he said is true. I guess I should let it slide this time. Wouldn’t it be the right decision?! Right?

She had a look of doubt, but let him pass. She wanted to get back to Justin as quick as POSSIBLE. She waved her hand dismissively and said sternly, “Don’t ever let anyone or me catch you here AGAIN.” Just as she was about to turn around. The boy yelled out,” My name’s Josh, yours?” She stopped halfway. She turned her heard a little bit to her right and said, “Mine’s..sarah. take care.”

Josh stared at her astoundingly and shook his head. No way would that girl become his, he thought. As he climbed back, he suddenly had a thought. If he could enroll in here ( and finally used his inheritance money for SOMETHING) he could see her again. If he could remember, it was a CO-ED right? He was determined to see her again, even if for the wrong purpose.