Isn’t it the same as POSTING the normal way? Urgh, whatever. I have something else in mind to blog about. BOOKS. It seems that most people don’t even read anymore. Too lazy? Yes. Too busy? Maybe. Too stupid? Heh heh Too obsessed with internet? Def.
Why won’t anyone take some TIME OFF of their “busy” lives and just READ. There’s nothing wrong with READING. Reading is great for the SOUL!
I should try and become “Dr. Hetalli Shino”
DHS (me :D): Do you ever picked up a book and decided it was TIME TO READ? Get some info in your head rather than let the world corrupt you?
Nicole: Uh..I’ve been too busy.
DHS: Right busy as in..oovooing your friends, hanging out and eating pizza with your boyfriend, and using Facebook?
Nicole: Uh…sorta? I dunno..
DHS: This is why you need to read atleast a book! Why can’t you just sit still on the couch, play some calm music and just read?
Nicole: Well, i think..I’m too…uhhhhhh
DHS: I know why. Its because young people these days can’t sit still and let information seep in through their brain and just keep having fun. There is pleasure in imagination running wild and living in your own fantasy world. the book is the guide to pretend. To something to be BORN in your mind. The mind is used as a creative took to the unknown.
Nicole: its great and stuff, but I just need to NOT fail math.
DHS: Grades are important sure, but is tiring your mind worth it?
Nicole: I guess not..
DHS: Let your mind be relaxing and dreaming of the magical world of Inkspell, or the mystical land of Harry Potter. Let it wander, become one with the book and daydream of you being a character and having your own adventures.
(NOTE TO PEOPLE: This is what I really think. MY WORDS D:< COPYRIGHTED :X)
Nicole: I guess, your right! I should read more…TO THE LIBRARY :D