(Note to ppl: I made the title mistakes because…welll i just love it.You’ll see why.)

She kept on texting back and forth between her boyfriend and her best friends. It was finally time for the “fated meeting” she giggled at the thought of meeting her “one true love”. LIttle did she know she was soooo wrong there was nothing RIGHT about it. yes, there is another BOY!

Justin: Hey babe.

secret boyfriend. had no name so i gave him a name. Anyways. the girls name is Sarah. YEAH SARAH :)*

Sarah: omg. justin! <333

Justin: I thought you forgot about me ):

Sarah: NEVER. >< I loovveee you :D

Justin: I know I know ;) Hey you here yet? Be careful.

Sarah: I will you are sooo worrisome XD

Justin: heh :)

Because of the late hour, she had to sneak around the grand hallways. Noises would be heard of the teachers on duty, and she had to tiptoe quietly. She hacked into her GPS tracking device to shut it down for 30 minutes so the computer “Fortuna” wouldn’t suspect too much. Like maybe she was going to the bathroom and thought it was quite private.

“Justin?!” She whispered into the room.

“Sarah?” He whispered back.

They laughed silently in each others arms comfortable being close to each other. They would talk forever something that they couldn’t talk normally in the halls. They couldn’t think of anything else to say so they kissed each other goodnight and sneaked back to bed.

Sorry I had to cut this chapter short. the stupid time date and the actual date is all wrong D:<