Well, I just wanted to say something about myself. Today  is special. When my dad comes home and all chaos is released. He just has to come home yelling and crap. Don’t worry its nothing serious :P

MMMM anyways, I’m young. Won’t tell you how old. :D (STALKER D:) I don’t have a job yet so I’m using the FREE version of wordpress. No wonder, always if there is something free on the internet there has to be ONE way for them to make moolah right? I think the prices here are OUTRAGEOUS! Hmm, well I get nothing out of posting here but I like it. Its not costing ME a penny, but costing my parents for paying internet..HAHAHAHAHA :D

I’m gonna grow old and get a JOB. I swear, a job that will make me freaking happy and let me buy as much iPads as I WANT! And tons of BMW cars and such…oh yeah my next post is about the continuation of the academy story right? the sorta like fanfiction of the Gallagher girls and stuff. See yah :D my keyboard is so loud. I have a lappy top :)