6 dead

12 injured

among the dead:

1 federal judge

1 9 year old girl

god. who will kill a NINE year old GIRL?! Its just SAD! Who would do such a thing. Her story was that she was just elected student president and wanted to see a politic person in action! And then this MEAN OLD 22 YEAR OLD GUY just SHOOTS HER D:

I can’t imagine what the parents are going through. That is the most sad part. ):

Reason behind the killing?

His reason:

Because its only one more year til 2012 (which a scientist guy said was supposed to be like 2212) he decided he would kill people I don’t know why. Maybe he thought “its only one more year. What if they did send me to prison?” He got freaked out cuz of the movie “2012” (TOTALLY SAD BUT AWESOME)

and reading all the articles and the fanatic’s opinions about it. He decided maybe it was time to let go. or something. That guy is a douche bag. Killing that little girl! I would prefer to live life to the fullest! Nothing wrong. i still wanna go watch MOVIES! Especially green hornet D:

I hate him. Totallly. You reading this jerk? Cuz I will totally watch when you say sorry to the little girl’s parents. think about what’ve you done.

I guess thats it. I have to go brush my teeth+sleep. night :)