When you blog something thats in the news, you get more views. I know I’m quite stupid for not NOTICING at ALL. I mean I got like about 20 views for my tuscan murder blog.

Heard recently that the rep. gabby opened her eyes. I wonder if the skull can rebuild itself? MM! *shrugs* and I’m happy that the little girl got some recognition. Wuts the little girl’s parents doing now? Mourning? Doing shows across the country about following their dreams and never give up because  u never know if the most NORMAL day could be ur last? She had about like 61 years! She might’ve helped the country. I don’t know why that little girl’s story made me sad than the others, maybe because I’m a kid just like her?

Yea, that might be it. Anyways, I might have a lowered life span because of my MAYBE disease. I feel okay right now. Full from dinner. Nothing changed. Hate the extra attention tho. But i didn’t know my sister…sigh. I can’t do anything but hope for the best. I wish all u people won’t get a random disease. You always hope its not u right? Well, it has to be someone. it could be you, or someone close to you.

Don’t do reckless things, little girl’s parents. Don’t kill yourself. Do what your daughter wanted you to do. Help the kids, help anyone thats mentally disabled because they watched the movie 2012. Tell them its bullcrap, and if it really was real, live to the fullest. Nothing else matters. Confess to ur life long crush, kiss your first kiss, hug ur best friend. travel the world. Anything,but don’t give up :)