no, this isn’t something to get attention. I’m 12. (yes i’m admitting this!)

and I might have it.

crap right?

it was a BEAUTIFUL day, warm sunny, blue skiess. A typical california day u’d think. but it all came crashing down. I went to the doctors cuz i need to retake a urine test (….yeah….) so i went. but then my doctor said, I might have

(the name keeps escaping me…uhhh…)

hypothyroidism cancer. or disease. That means I don’t produce enuff thyroids I’m guessing. But, I don’t meet certain symptoms.

its supposed to be found in the blood if there isn’t enuff, and apparently mines ..lacking. worst part? my sis has it too.

I said i might. remember. MIGHT. it says sometimes the thingy in the throat goes back to making the right amount. So, I’m hoping. who knows I might believe in god if its a miracle. But, I believe in science. and if he kills me for not believing him, then he isn’t for the good right? he thought he got the whole world wrapped around his finger when everyone believed in him. but i wonder what he’s feeling now that some people are athiests. assuming of course he is real.

I think its just something someone (who knows when) made him up when people were down, and depressed becuz of war and wanted to lighten up the spirits. then they slipped some drugs into the first believers and told them nonsense. or maybe ppl in the future used time machines and made everything up! Who knows thousands of years from now there would be technology like this! I’m sure there is a reason why they made god up tho. Prob because their era was so messed up and ppl kept dying cuz of mad scientists they decided to change for the better.